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Right before I went to Thailand I found a package in front of my door that went straight to my suitcase. I had the opportunity to try out some pieces from Jn&Joy’s new collection and I fell in love with it. Jn&joy was created by Piere Hamblenne and you can describe his work as : Sporty, trendy , energetic but casual as well. The quality is great, but when I was in Thailand I didn’t had the chance to wear the top that I chose from his summer collection, but I used the bag every single day.

Love Axelle


Thai Beauty Drink

Every Thai supermarket has them and I was pretty curious how they would taste : The collagen beauty drinks.

For the Asian people , Botox is passé! They drink liquid collagen to get a healthy and younger looking skin. If I have to believe the bottle (for what I can understand) is that it should moisturise your face and that it will give you a healthy glow. I only drank one bottle so ofourse I haven’t seen any miracles on my face but it tasted a bit chemical.

I don’t really believe that it would make such a difference on your skin because there is no scientific proof, but it was fun to try out.  Thai people do care a lot about beauty and they know how the beauty scene works ( Some lady boys over there are prettier than real women!) but I think a good moisturiser and a lot of  water will make the real difference.

Love Axelle

200 blogposts

YAAAAAY ! Today I posted my 200 th blogpost on Axelleeee, time to run to the supermarket and buy myself a cupcake. I blog since I was 15 (already 6 years, gettin old) but not on Axelleeee, I had many blogs before this one, A beauty blog, a fashion blog and I even started a blog about Cole and Dylan Sprouse …yes the twin boys from Disney Channel’s The suite life of Zack and Cody. I was young and in love haha.

Anyway I had a struggle with keeping up on blogposts and I often stopped blogging for a while because I was too busy with school, friends, work and dating the wrong people ;) But I always came back after a while , you can say that I have more comebacks than the spice girls.

But for now I found my motivation again and let’s hope it will stay this way ! Can’t promise anything , but I’ll try !

10 seconds later…

Love Axelle

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace or Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang,  a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok. The king no longer lives in this palace but is still used for official events. The G.P. has so many buildings, halls, pavilions set around gardens and everything is build with an eye for detail and a lot of gold ! One thing you need to think about if you ever wanna visit the Grand Palace is to take clothes with you that cover your shoulders and your knees(men too) no flip flops or backless sandals. They are very strict! If you arrive  inappropriately, you can borrow clothing from a booth at the gate.

Ooh and don’t try to make the guards laugh.. you’re wasting your time ;)

Love Axelle

Zalando wish list

AAAAAAAAAAH remember the screaming zalando commercials ? Welcome to my life … the difference between the commercial and my life is that my delivery man isn’t deaf (yet) but I do get pretty excited when a Zalando package reaches my house.

When it comes to online shopping, Zalando is my first choice.They have everything from brands like Vero Moda till Diesel,Desigual,.. And so much more ! Their service is great and the delivery time does not take long.</

Above you can see my wishlist items of this month. I know, pretty boring colors for upcoming spring but I love the entire outfit!


Love Axelle



I have lost my heart in Bangkok, and I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to find it again ! Wauw what an amazing city, the people, the food, .. everything was how I thought it would , only better.

I visited the BMW tower, China town, Grand palace, … more pictures and updates are coming but I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of Bangkok before I start with all my blogposts about beautiful Thailand.

Love Axelle

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