Wishlist 2.0

Everyone has a wishlist right ? Don’t think I’m not grateful for the things I already own but every girl has this one pair of shoes,dress,bag,…that they wish they could have. So ofcourse the names Balenciaga ,Givenchy & Kenzo are shining on this list but also Vans, Lacoste and nike are joining the party! I wanna know what’s on your wishlist!

Wallet-Snapback-Watch-Fitness Gloves- WO Log-Running shoes-sneakers

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BanaBerry Blast

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I know guys protein shakes are not the most tasty shakes and they don’t taste as delicious as the milkshake you get at Mac Donalds. On the other hand you can make them a bit more tastefull if you add some healthy fruit to your shake !

For this one I used the body & fit total protein in Vanilla, skimmed milk (water =better, what you prefer),banana and blue&raspberries.

Bananaberry 2

1. Peel your banana and put him (or her?) in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

Bananaberry 3

2. When the banana is frozen cut him in smaller pieces and mix with 1/2 cup blue & raspberries. I freezed mu berries as well.


3. throw (ok be carefull) your fruit in the blender!

4.Add 250 cl skimmed milk (or water,almond milk,..) in a blender/mixer

Bananaberry 6

5. Add the Vanilla protein powder (I swear guys it’s protein haha). I lost my scoop so I used a spoon,1 scoop is enough!



Bananaberry 7

7.  Last thing you have to do is enjoy your delicious protein shake ! I recommend to drink this shake as breakfast because it’s pretty heavy !

If you want more posts like this , let me know !

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Number 23


Hay guys,

Don’t know what’s up with this dutch weather, 1 day it feels like fall and I feel like putting on a scarf and boot, the other day I can wear my denim cut off shorts. Sunday was the perfect in between weather , so I decided to go for my REINDERS baseball dress, comfy shoes and leather jacket. You guys should all check out REINDERS, it’s a new upcoming fashion label by the 2 twinsisters Marie & Julie, their clothes are timeless and for every age ! Enjoy the week guys !


Love Axelle


New lifestyle

Hey guys what’s going on ?

The scentence I have to hear 100 times a day recently since I work at Abercrombie and Fitch, but what you guys been up to since I’m gone? My life has been so crazy last months that there was no time for blogging at all. Normally I would be back from another summer working in Greece behind the bar but things turned out different than expected.  I came back after 2 weeks already because of a food infection( No, I did not get pregnant, people and their fantasy these days). Right when I got back from greece I had the opprtunity to move to Amsterdam and this is where things went really fast (I mean like reaaallly fast). Got a job at Abercrombie and Fitch, met so many new people,and got very happy. My food infection and job at A&F made me realise that I wasn’t treating my body the right way and made a serious life change. I switched to healthy food and worked out a lot. Not only do I feel more confident with my body, I have more energy and my skin feels better than ever!  I wanna share my food recipes, work out tips, inspirations with you all so my blog is gonna change ! But don’t be scared I still gonna do outfit of the days , because my style changed a lot !! Hope you all are ready for a change, because I am !


{Top & Bag}

Right before I went to Thailand I found a package in front of my door that went straight to my suitcase. I had the opportunity to try out some pieces from Jn&Joy’s new collection and I fell in love with it. Jn&joy was created by Piere Hamblenne and you can describe his work as : Sporty, trendy , energetic but casual as well. The quality is great, but when I was in Thailand I didn’t had the chance to wear the top that I chose from his summer collection, but I used the bag every single day.

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Thai Beauty Drink

Every Thai supermarket has them and I was pretty curious how they would taste : The collagen beauty drinks.

For the Asian people , Botox is passé! They drink liquid collagen to get a healthy and younger looking skin. If I have to believe the bottle (for what I can understand) is that it should moisturise your face and that it will give you a healthy glow. I only drank one bottle so ofourse I haven’t seen any miracles on my face but it tasted a bit chemical.

I don’t really believe that it would make such a difference on your skin because there is no scientific proof, but it was fun to try out.  Thai people do care a lot about beauty and they know how the beauty scene works ( Some lady boys over there are prettier than real women!) but I think a good moisturiser and a lot of  water will make the real difference.

Love Axelle

200 blogposts

YAAAAAY ! Today I posted my 200 th blogpost on Axelleeee, time to run to the supermarket and buy myself a cupcake. I blog since I was 15 (already 6 years, gettin old) but not on Axelleeee, I had many blogs before this one, A beauty blog, a fashion blog and I even started a blog about Cole and Dylan Sprouse …yes the twin boys from Disney Channel’s The suite life of Zack and Cody. I was young and in love haha.

Anyway I had a struggle with keeping up on blogposts and I often stopped blogging for a while because I was too busy with school, friends, work and dating the wrong people ;) But I always came back after a while , you can say that I have more comebacks than the spice girls.

But for now I found my motivation again and let’s hope it will stay this way ! Can’t promise anything , but I’ll try !

10 seconds later…

Love Axelle


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